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** Important: Please read and complete if this applies to your child

WBMS Parents of Athletes and 8th Graders in Marching Band for 2020-2021 School Year

If your child will be participating in extracurricular activities at any point this upcoming year, please go ahead and get this set up.

Download Dragonfly MAX App from app store

Click “Get Started” and “Sign Up For Free”

Create a Parent account using YOUR OWN email & info (not your child’s)

Verify Account with ID sent to your email

Click “Connect to your school”, Select “Parent”, Search for West Blocton Middle School

Click “Join”. An admin at the school will approve your request.

Click “Set up your children”, add you kid(s), fill out participation forms

On a computer, go to dragonflymax.com and click “Login/Sign Up” to get started.

***Athletes will not be allowed to participate until this has been completed.

****Once you are approved as the parent, you will need to complete the Concussion form and the Participation form.

******No athlete will be allowed to participate in the summer programs without completing this prior to the start date.
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Good Evening WBMS Students and Families,
This is a reminder that your 1st Packet or Google Classroom Assignments are due tomorrow, Friday, April 24th. On Friday, April 24th at 7:30 AM, there will be locked black toolboxes (with a slot on top) sitting on each grade level’s table in the back of the school for you to turn in your 1st Learning Packet. You can come anytime during the day on April 24th to return your packet. The toolboxes will be removed on April 25th at noon to quarantine for 5 days, so your teachers can grade the students’ assignments. Those students participating in Google Classroom, your teachers will let you know weekly about your assignments. Grades for the 1st packet should be available in INOW by May 9th.

The 2nd and Final Packet will be available to pick up Friday, April 24th when the students return their 1st Packet. You can come anytime after 7:30 AM on April 24th to pick up your packet. The packets will remain alphabetized by the students’ last names in the tubs.

The 2nd Packet Return Date is set for Friday, May 22, 2020 and at this time, your teachers plan to post students’ grades for the 2nd Packet in INOW tentatively by May 28, 2020. (This date may have to be extended and is subject to change.)

We will be mailing out all 4th 9 Weeks Report Cards to the address we have in INOW. If your address has changed, please email Mrs. Donner at donnert@bibbed.org to update your address and/or contact number.

Please remember it is critical that you are communicating with all of your teachers by email and Google Meets (to the students who have access). Your teachers may also be calling you or your parents. If you are unable to reach ANY of your teachers, please let Dr. Blake or Dr. Vest know, so we can help you contact them. You can reach us through email.

We truly appreciate all of your patience, support, HARD WORK, and prayers. Please keep in touch with us and stay healthy. We love and miss our WBMS students and families!!!

God Bless You All,
Dr. Blake and Dr. Vest
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School Update 4/3/2020

WBMS COVID-19 Pickup/Delivery Method
Monday, April 6th: Throughout the school day, teachers will be making phone calls, emailing the students (every WBMS student has an email address) and posting on social media to practice the technological methods of learning with our students. (Those students without internet access will not be penalized for not being able to participate in the technology component of learning.)
Tuesday, April 7th at 3:30 PM: Learning Packet Pick Up Grade Level Tubs will be arranged at the back of the school under the awning where car pick up is located. Tubs will remain in this area daily so you can pick the packets up at your convenience. Students will have until at least Friday, April 17, 2020, to complete the 1st learning packets and return them to the Black Toolbox Tubs which will be locked and located in the back of the school. Every other two weeks on Fridays, students will pick up new packets and return the previous packets.*This is subject to change based on Alabama Public Health Guidelines and/or recommendations from our Governor, State Department of Education and Bibb County Schools. Students who chose the Online Learning Option will receive updates throughout the week from their teachers.
Wednesday, April 8th:
11:00 AM-1:00 PM
Curbside Medication Pickup-Located in the Front of the School in the Bus Lanes
(Please email our school nurse, Mrs. Lynn Lee at leel@bibbed.org if you plan to pick up your child’s medication. We do not have plans to have another medication pickup day.)
Wednesday, April 8th:
11:00-1:00 PM
Essential Items from Lockers
Curbside Pick Up-Located in the Back of the School in the Car Rider Lanes
-Email Dr. Blake (blakeg@bibbed.org) or Dr. Vest (vesta@bibbed.org) by 5:00 PM, Friday, April 3, 2020.
-In the email, include the name of the student as well as the name of the adult picking items up.
We will empty the contents of the locker. If you have not made an email request, items will NOT be available. To verify ownership, the student must be in the car. Following CDC guidelines for social distancing, individuals will not be allowed to enter the building.
*Please hold off on requesting locker items if nothing in the locker is ESSENTIAL. Once social distancing guidelines are lifted, there may be additional opportunities to pick up nonessential items.
*Please keep in mind that the teachers are on call from 7:30 AM-3:30 PM daily.
The primary mode of communication at this time will be emailed. Please go to our multiple Facebook pages and become members to ensure you receive critical updates. We have several Facebook pages: WBMS PTSO, WBMS 5th Grade, WBMS 6th Grade, WBMS 7th Grade, WBMS 8th Grade, and WBMS Phys. Ed. Also, our school’s website is located at https://wbms.bibbed.org/.
Please stay calm and hopeful during this historical time!
Remember, WBMS is ABSOLUTELY the BEST!!!
God Bless!
Dr. Blake, Dr. Vest, & WBMS Faculty and Staff
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